Our experience tells us that nervousness about childbirth is mostly about “not knowing” and birthEd is dedicated to providing up to date, useful information so you can make informed decisions about how you want your birth and early parenting experience to be.

From experience, we know that people learn best when they are relaxed and our courses are carefully designed and delivered to provide an informal learning environment with plenty of opportunities for fun and laughter. You will find support amongst others in the classes, and many course participants form lasting friendships.

Our series of courses are designed to meet the needs of first time parents who want to be informed about the normal birth process and how they can best support the birth of their baby, establish successful breastfeeding and be prepared to become new parents.

Note: It is not necessary for a mother to have a partner to attend our courses. However you may consider to have a support partner as research shows that women who have continuous support during labour are more likely to have a vaginal birth, no identified adverse effects and are more satisfied with their childbirth experience. Many of our course participants bring their mother, an aunty or a friend. We recommend you choose someone who is going to be able to support you through your pregnancy and during labour and the birth of your baby.

Even though our courses are primarily for the families of the Hutt Valley, Wellington central and the coast districts of Wellington, New Zealand, the information on our site may be helpful to you.

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Each course group is given the option to set up a contact list so pregnant women and their partners, or new Mums and Dads, can meet for ongoing support and friendship when their courses have ended.

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Please be aware, when you attend our classes, we strive always to be fair and balanced in the information we provide for you, making sure it is accurate and up to date. When making decisions regarding the type of care you receive during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, please always refer to your caregiver for his or her advice and opinion. This information will give you more detail on which to base your decisions and will help tailor your care to suit your individual situation. However, the information found on this website is not intended to substitute for the advice of your Lead Maternity Carer or doctor.

At birthEd we assume and encourage a high level of personal responsibility, which we believe increases individual satisfaction.