Comprehensive Information = Informed decision making + Support = Empowered Parents. Enjoy your antenatal class from the comfort of your own home and meet other new parents on the same journey as you. This course will prepare you for giving birth and what to expect in those first weeks with your new baby.

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We love to support new parents and we want you and your support partner to have access to the most up-to-date childbirth information, so you are empowered to make informed choices, for both yourselves and your new family. At birthEd we know the importance of how crucial support is when we have a baby. We also know the friendships, that you will develop from sharing this experience,and being at a similar stage in life as others, will be treasured.

We want you to give you an opportunity to meet and join others beginning their parenting journey. Your birthEd childbirth class is the perfect place to start new friendships. Join your group’s closed Facebook where members can continue conversations, and share experiences. Be part of a network to help guide and support each other. Online Wellington folk will have the opportunity to meet with each other in person during our meetups.

This course will prepare you for giving birth and what to expect in those first weeks with your new baby. 
Some of the topics covered over 7 weeks;

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Nutrition, pregnancy safety and general health issues
  • What midwives and doctors do for you
  • Your magnificent pregnant and birthing body
  • Natural Birth
  • Labour overview and stages
  • Birth choices
  • Self-help during labour and birth
  • How support partners can help
  • Pain management, assisted delivery and medical interventions


Your Baby

  • Your Newborn
  • Breastfeeding
  • Your baby’s checks and assessments
  • Caring for your baby
  • The Essentials: Clothing, bedding, bathing and nappies
  • The early days



  • Taking care of you
  • Taking care of each other
  • Your transition to parenthood
  • Your new roles
  • Postnatal Distress
  • Your Superpowers, Support and help services
  • Your next steps


You will also receive each session’s ‘Takeaways’ and a member’s login to access more resources online. 

We recommend that you also book into a 'Get Baby Ready' course, as this will give you further valuable information about taking care of your baby. Check out our other 'follow on' courses - Homebirth, Breastfeeding Masterclass, Keeping Your Baby Safe and Out of the Blues.