This course is designed for people who are interested in finding out if home birth might be right for them, and who have already attended a regular antenatal course (either with us, or another organisation).

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HomebirthTopics covered will include the following:

  • Why Homebirth?
  • Homebirth Preparation and Practicalities
  • Labour overview & birthing at home
  • Supporting normal physiological birth
  • Waterbirth
  • Mum, baby, support person and midwives’ roles
  • Being born at home – your new baby
  • Meet new home birth parents

Enjoy a shared lunch - please bring something yummy with you.


This is an additional session following on from an antenatal course so it is recommended that you have previously attended a regular antenatal course (either with birthEd, or another organisation) before attending the homebirth session as the topics will be covering homebirth specifically, not general childbirth education questions.  If you have a good understanding of the childbirth process or have already had a baby, please do still register.