Announcement: We are very sorry to inform you that we are no longer funded, to provide pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting education, by the Hutt Valley and Capital and Coast District Health Boards. We are sorry if you are unable to find what you are looking for. We are going to take some time to regroup and make some changes. Please check back with us in early 2022.   


Breastfeeding is a new learning experience for both you and your baby and even though it may come naturally to some, many of us need some guidance and extra support.

Your Breastfeeding Masterclass course is the perfect place to come to learn more about breastfeeding, get equipped and feel more encouraged and prepared. 

This is a ‘follow-on’ course from Your Birth Essentials and Beyond Your Bump courses, in which the basics of breastfeeding are covered during the breastfeeding sessions.



Your Breastfeeding Masterclass is taught by a knowledgeable, experienced Lactation Consultant.

Some of the topics covered in this 3-hour course:

  • Getting off to a great start
  • Milk production and the breastfeeding cycle
  • Skin to skin
  • The importance of exclusive breastfeeding
  • Positioning and latching your baby
  • Hunger signs, how often?, cluster feeding and growth spurts
  • What to expect while establishing breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding beyond your hospital stay – Your Breastfeeding Plan
  • Expressing and storage of breastmilk
  • How to avoid some common problems 
  • Your baby’s normal behaviours
  • Taking care of YOU!
  • Where to get more support
  • What support partners can do 

Support partners are welcome!

It is recommended that you first attend the 2 hour breastfeeding basics session during Your Birth Essentials and Beyond Your Bump antenatal courses, before attending this more advanced session.

Your Breastfeeding Master Course is $30.00 for you and your support partner (if you’ve had your baby, then they are certainly welcome too!)