And an opportunity to join our community and coffee catch-up support group

Announcement: We are very sorry to inform you that we are no longer funded, to provide pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting education, by the Hutt Valley and Capital and Coast District Health Boards. This unfortunately means that, at the moment, we are unable to offer you many of our courses. We are sorry if you are unable to find what you are looking for. We are going to take some time to regroup and make some changes. Please check back with us in early 2022.   

This is a ‘Follow on’ course to take with your baby.

Having a new baby can feel immensely rewarding, and yet completely overwhelming all at the same time! We’re here to help you navigate those early weeks and our ‘Your New Baby’ Course is just the place to come to have your questions answered and troubleshoot any problems you may have. 

Babies are very welcome. Your baby can feed, sleep, cuddle and play throughout the session. It’s not a problem if your baby cries or is unsettled – we are completely baby friendly, and in fact this is the perfect opportunity for you to venture out in those early weeks and meet new parents experiencing a similar journey as you. 

This is a structured but informal course and our educators are highly skilled and have vast experience in working with new parents

Some of the topics covered in this 3-hour course:

  • Life with your new baby
  • Precious sleep – your baby’s sleep and your sleep
  • Your crying baby – practical tools and techniques
  • Your baby’s development – what and when?
  • ‘Secure Attachment’ and why it’s so important for growing healthy brains
  • Taking care of YOU
  • Where to go to get support
  • Troubleshooting and Questions – is there anything you want to ask?

At birthEd we want to create the best learning environment we can for you, your partner and baby. Our small class sizes mean that you’ll get an opportunity to have the best face-to-face training we can provide, and have all your questions answered.

We understand that welcoming a new baby into your life and family marks a time of great change. Studies show that good social support plays a key role, in helping women cope with the transition to motherhood and limiting or preventing the effects of perinatal depression. After attending our Your New Baby course, you will be invited to join our coffee group and be part of the birthEd community, where you will have an opportunity to meet other new parents.

Your New Baby is $30 for you, your support partner and your baby.