Liora NoyLiora is a Registered Nurse (obstetrics) and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), with a Master in Public Health. She has three children, ages 8-18. She is currently working as a Tamariki Ora (Well Child) nurse, as well as running a breastfeeding support centre in Wellington.

Originally from Mexico, she has lived in Israel, California and Hawaii. Liora loves teaching the breastfeeding classes, as she feels it’s important to prepare parents for the challenges that breastfeeding often presents. She believes that if parents are well prepared, they will have more patience and perseverance to stick with breastfeeding.

Liora is also passionate about supporting parents affected by Postnatal Distress having been deeply affected herself by PND. She is a peer counsellor at PND Wellington, and is extremely grateful that Birth Ed
supports her in teaching a PND class.