Coping with Pain in Labour Booklet – Download and print version


This 28 page information booklet is for pregnant women and their support partners and whānau. It is packed full of valuable information and is intended as a guide, offering you some coping techniques to consider in labour. You will find many self-help techniques for both mum and her support partners, along with detailed up to date information on pharmaceutical pain relief offered in New Zealand maternity.

We recommend that you make an informed decision about any procedure. Know what the benefits and associated risks are to both you and your baby and don’t be afraid to ask your LMC questions when weighing up the advantages over the disadvantages. Knowing about these drugs during pregnancy will help you make an informed decision about using them in your labour. 

When making decisions regarding your labour and birth, please always refer to your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) for their advice and opinion.